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I don't normally "endorse" a product, however, THIS product is one that I truly think we should all have in our inventory.

These are heavy duty canvas totes for you to use for shopping, as bookbags, even use them as purses for ladies or diaper bags for parents. The uses are almost endless for these bags, and they are much sturdier and will last much longer than the thin, cheap bags you buy at the grocery and department stores. 

Plus, these bags come with several preset designs on them for $8 apiece, or you can add your name to the design and pay just $1 more. You can even submit your own artwork for a custom look.

I ordered 4 of them and sent 4 photos and got the bags back with all 4 photos combined into 1 image on the bags.

You can't beat 4 personalized bags for $41, and that included the shipping fees!

Please, I ask you to go check out my friend Dianne's newest business and order several of these bags that will last you a lifetime. And if you order 5, you get 1 free!

Can't beat that deal!


Denny Wade Garrett

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