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The Incomparable Becky Fender

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I grew up knowing one of the most talented, most anointed singers in all of Christian music: Becky Fender. Beginning with her first album, 1971's I Hear God and continuing through to her last release, 2009's God Is On My Side, this songstress has presented music that has enriched my Christian walk, taught me invaluable lessons of Christ's love and sacrifice, encouraged me during times of trial and inspired me to seek God's face in all I do.


During some of the darkest days of my life, Becky's songs have reassured me that God loves me, that He's on my side and that He fights my battles. One of the lines from one of her songs has become a mantra for me: "the battle is the Lord's, but the victory is mine!" During the great times, her music has helped me rejoice and taught me how to praise and thank my Creator for all His many blessings. The songs she has written always seem to minister to exactly what I am going through, or have just gone through, when her new album is released. The anointing with which she sings, and writes, is powerful and I pray each and every person who visits my site will get to know not only the beauty of her voice, the love of her heart, the strength of her soul & conviction, but also the anointing with which she ministers through song.


Becky and her husband, Steve Fender, pastor Livingway Christian Church in San Antonio, TX. They have both helped me grow in my Christian walk; they've helped me increase my faith in Christ and taught me to ground my life in God's word. As Becky wrote in Whose Report Shall You Believe, they've helped me understand just because something's factual doesn't make it true. I'm very grateful to know, and to have known Steve and Becky, all these many years, and I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to have been taught and blessed by them. I'm sure you will be equally blessed through the wonderful ministry of music God has given Becky. She doesn't pull punches: she speaks the truth, but she also speaks love and encouragement and compassion. Your walk will be greatly enriched by her music, as so many others have been and continue to be.


Be sure to click the link, below, to visit her Products page after you listen to the clips of some of my favorite songs from her albums dating from 1980 to 2009. And be sure to tell all your friends and family about this wonderful "No Matter What" singer so they, too, can be blessed.


Please be aware, however, that not all the albums the song clips below are from are available. Several are out of print. And if anyone has a copy of Becky's 1971 album, I Hear God, I would love to purchase it from you as I lost my copy in a house fire in 1993.

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Clips used may not be included on albums available. Some product is out of print. Clicking links opens new window.


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Peace In The Midst Of The Storm    ~    Call A Halt To The Night    ~    If God Be For Me

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