Denny Wade Garrett was born 29 August 1963, the 2nd child in each of his parents 2nd marriages.  On his 2nd birthday, his parents were divorced.


Raised in Northwest Louisiana, Denny Wade first sang in church at the age of 5, the same year he appeared on the stage of the Louisiana Hayride with his guitar playing father.  At the age of 6, he began taking piano lessons, inspired by the powerful music he heard at church where Becky Fender was the organist.


By the age of 12, he was accompanying his step-mother on piano as she sang solos at their local church; he sang in the adult choir, as well.


After graduating High School, Denny Wade attended 2 years of college before enlisting in the United States Air Force, who sent him to Holloman Air Force Base outside Alamogordo, New Mexico, where he finished his degree by correspondence with his alma mater, Louisiana State University .


After his days in the military, Denny lived in Shreveport, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California before settling down in Nashville, Tennessee in April 1991.

Age 4

“I believe music is more than just an emotion,” the singer/songwriter says.  “The Bible says when Saul was tormented, David’s playing of the harp was the only thing that soothed him.  And, the Word also tells us we are to praise God in song, with clapping of the hands, making a joyful noise, sounding the loud cymbal.  All of these things represent the joy of praise and worship.”


"But music is also used to teach, to remember, to prophecy, to proclaim and to chastise.  It is a tool of communication that reaches into the deepest parts of our souls, our minds, our bodies and our spirits and conveys the message in a way that conversation will never be able to replicate."


Jack Harris, an independent producer who worked with Garrett on demos has said of him: "He has the most amazing ability to fit his voice to the music, without even seeming to search for it.  If there's a warble or shakiness to the track, he just fits into it seamlessly."


Truly, it’s a rare find when someone loves music for the message’s sake, but that is Denny Wade Garrett.  He believes a song is a 3 minute opportunity to minister the Word of God.


I've been fortunate to have music as a way of life.  You don't just play it, you feel it; you breathe it and live it.  As singers and songwriters for the kingdom, we’re not here to entertain so much as we are to offer a quick snippet of ministry to those who need to hear that particular word at that particular time.  I know in my own life there have been songs that have helped me battle through the valleys or helped me climb up to the mountaintops.  That’s what music was intended for.  To help us grow, to help us learn and most of all to offer praise and worship to the One who created us all.”


And that is what Denny Wade Garrett is all about.  A man who wants to give God praise and honor and glory; and who wants to help his brothers and sisters in the kingdom to make it through another victory, another storm, another day.

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