my broken back

by DW Garrett

I donít know how, or when, I broke my back. I only know that as the surgical pain decreased, I began to notice an ache is my lumbar belt area (the space across your low back where the waistband of your pants rests.  The ache would get worse, even turn into outright pain, if I stood for more than a minute or so, therefore I made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas J. OíBrien, IV.  I saw the doctor as I was being taken into an examination room, and we spoke to one another.  Presently, he came in and we talked, and I explained how I thought something was wrong due to the ache, the fact I couldnít stand up straight, etc, so he had his X-Ray tech get four films of my lumbar/spine.

The process of getting the X-Rays was excruciating, because I had developed the inability to lay flat on a bed or table.  As soon as Dr. OíBrien came through the door of the exam room, I KNEW there was something massively wrong, just by the look on his face.  When he put the film on the viewer, before he could say anything, I gasped, ďoh my gosh, itís broke!Ē  Over the past 22 years of dealing with back problems, Iíve learned to read X-Rays and MRI or CT Scan films as well as most doctors.  Better than some, Iím sure.

Doctor OíBrien has shown my X-Ray and CT films to numerous orthopedic and neurologic colleagues, along with a brief history of my spine, and none can believe Iím walking around with a broken back.  A friend who works in a hospital in another city spoke with two physicians/surgeons at her hospital, explaining my history, the 17 fusions and the broken back, and neither of them can believe Iím still walking; one remarked, ďthatís unheard ofĒ.

So, if you wanna know if God exists, you just read proof that He does.  Itís only by His power, grace and mercy that Iím walking, today.


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