30 September 2009

We have recorded a "Sampler" for possible investors to review for the purpose of executive producing the new album.

Two of the songs that were recorded were written by myself and my producer, Kevin Fisher.  Kevin composed some wonderful music to go with the lyrics I wrote.

Please pray the investors will like what they hear and we can soon get under way recording the full CD.

25 February 2009

I am in great need of your prayers.  On 12 February, the man who was going to finance the project informed me he is unable to proceed, at this time.  The economy is the not the biggest reason, though that is the one he cited.

He did state, "Your new venture looks very promising, and I am very excited for you.  I know it has been a life-long dream of yours.  I know you will succeed in this endeavor and my thoughts and prayers are with you."

As I have stated, several times, every time work has begun to make this ablum, the devil has brought about problems that have put the kibosh on it, however, I refuse to give up.  The devil was defeated a long time ago, and I will not allow him to stand in the way of the music ministry God has called me to.

So, please, be praying that God will direct me to where I need to go to get the financing for this project.  I know God has a plan already worked out, I just need to be able to hear Him when He calls.

18 January 2009

Work on Something To Believe In is progressing, albeit slower than I would like.

I received the Biography from the writer, and I was so moved by what she wrote.  The lady who wrote my Biography (which will be uploaded soon) is a former editor with The Tennessean, Nashville's daily newspaper.

Terry is an award winning writer and editor, and I am so blessed that she was willing to write this project for me.

I've written a couple more songs, one of them literally waking me out of sleep at 3 AM.  That song is such a haunting message, and one that truly broke my heart while writing it.

I'm looking forward to getting to what God has in store, not only for me, but for this music that He has called me to.  My deepest prayers are that the music will touch the hearts and souls of His people.  I know His hands guide me, and I put all my faith and trust in Him.

26 December 2008

Denny Wade is currently working on a new album for




26 December 2008

Work on Something To Believe In began in August 2008.  Over the past months, I have written and listened to so many songs, trying to find the ones that I felt God was leading me to include on this project.

My producer, Kevin Fisher, made the task a little harder when he suggested I keep the songs central to a "theme" so the album would be more cohesive.  My initial, gut reaction was that I didn't want a theme, but as I began to listen to the songs more carefully, and prayed about what the theme should be, it seemed the project suddenly came to life.

Several songs I had long had in reserve for this album suddenly fell to the wayside as the songs that fit into the central message of the project began to take shape.  Songs by my friends Becky Fender and Sam Harris became central.

Other songs also fell into place, and I discovered there are songs from almost every decade of my life on this project.  There are covers of Reba Rambo and Dallas Holm, Becky Fender and Sam Harris as well as original songs I've written alone.  Then there are the songs where I've written the lyrics and others have composed the music.

I'm looking forward to getting into the studio next month to begin recording, and I pray God will allow His Spirit to imbue each and every syllable, each and every note, and that His message will shine through it all.


- - - - - Denny Wade

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